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InnotexWhen buying turnout gear, what are we as firefighters looking for? Of course the standard is comfort and protection. But how many really look past the “popular” label and dig deep into the overwhelming fancy marketing campaigns to know exactly what you are wearing.

Let’s face it…Regardless of the brand of gear you are wearing the fabrics most likely came from the same mills. From this aspect, it is pretty much equal grounds. Where it changes is how is it cut and assembled.  Consider the gear you are currently wearing.  Start by looking at the threads on the outside. How many bar tacks do you see around the pull points such as the pocket corners? Innotex maximizes these stress points by placing a minimum of 8 high density bar tacks around the pockets. Also maximized is the stitch count that makes those bar tacks. Tightly stitched to insure durability.

Flip to the inside of the outer shell and look at the threads. Are they clean and tight? Do you see a lot of loose dangling ends? If you see a very clean and tightly sown interior then you can be sure the coat was put together with pride and care. Do you see loose dangling ends? Where is the quality? Does it look like time and care was taken? If not imagine how much care was given into truly protecting you. Now imagine the care put into the entire ensemble to insure quality and longevity. Combining the best NFPA 1971 certified composites available with high quality stitching and strategic reinforcements has resulted in a turnout with unmatched durability


The idea behind the Innotex design is to reduce weight and fatigue.  Innotex has found the secret to creating turnout gear that allows the lightest gear with the most mobility. We all want to be comfortable and having gear loose and baggy hanging on you is the last thing you need wearing you down on the fire ground. How many times do you see firefighters not adequately protected because they are not using the components of their gear properly? Many times you find the coat storm flaps hanging open or the throat strap either not deployed to protect or dangling because it did not hold. Because of this, many simply chose not to use it. With the Innotex uniquely designed L-shaped storm flap and throat strap you can easily deploy and have superior protection without the worry of having a large bulky piece of material in the way. With the Innotex throat strip combined into the storm flap, its either open or closed but either way it is completely out of the way, deployed or not.

Innotex takes the most measurements in the industry to truly give you a custom fit. There is no need to have a loose fit, relaxed fit etc. when you are measured to insure the gear fits perfectly to your body.

The next time you are due to replace your gear, take a moment to put your hands on a set of Innotex turnout gear. Guaranteed, you will see and feel the difference. We even encourage a side by side comparison so you really see the differences of what you are wearing and what you can be wearing.

Contact your local representative to schedule a demo.

INNOTEX- the fastest growing turnout gear manufacturer in the US

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