Icon Sprinter T3


Icon Sprinter Type 3

Crestline's Sprinter Type III ICON ambulance offers a safe and ergonomic working environment with Crestline's medic-safe seating, moveable bucket seats that provide convenient access to both patient and equipment. Includes curb side monitor cabinet with laptop and medical storage drawers.

All Crestline ambulances feature our exclusive powder coat finish, giving you superior durability and corrosion resistance. CrestCoat will lower operational costs and downtime, we will even back it up with a lifetime paint warranty.

Antimicrobial Interior
Inhibits the growth of microorganisms on surfaces inside the ambulance and provides a clean, safe environment for paramedics and patients.

Equipment Storage
Rear left clamshell compartment is full height of the doors. Storage for 2 spine boards, stretcher and immobilization equipment with belts to restrain.

LED Emergency Lights

Includes all LED interior and exterior lighting. The interior LED lights in the ceiling and cabinets are color balanced for accurate skin pallor diagnosis and provide ambient options for long transports.

High Capacity HVAC System

Insulated duct and adjustable vents designed for ease of maintenance and efficient climate control.

Mercedes Chassis
Wheelbase: 144"
3500 Diesel 11,030 GVWR

Body Style: AeroBody
Module Length: 151"
Module Width: 82.5"
Interior Headroom: 72"

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